www.drop.io/nerddrummer (service discontinued)

his platform was deleted before the conclusion of the project as an accident. i posted archived data which has been recorded by external technologies

nerddrummer says: I have added a wallpaper to the platform lol. I am trying to add the link of a song which is tormenting my mind. I am going to find a way into connecting my email to him to give a free pass

nerddrummer says: I have some folders in my email that have a lot of things saved from a long time... I think it is interesting for you to have a look if you wish and to pass this to the platform, as you have the drop.io password

you can access my email account if you want. the password is mixt23

go inside and  make yourself at home, a large part of my  digital memory is there inside.

nerddrumer to me:

this business is very serious, is important and confidential, so I am going to jump in.

good night, if you need anything else let me know

by the way do you know how I can get my tweets to be added inside the drop? x

i want to feed the drop with my tweets

The file ‘spying’....docx has been added to nerddrummer (http://drop.io/nerddrummer). You can view it at http://drop.io/nerddrummer/asset/espiando-docx-2