ETHICS entangled with METHODOLOGY.

circulating in a network

mediate while being mediated

-  all the objects inside a network have to be able to transit (while transform) meaning. and as such sometimes the actor can mediate as well as be mediated. if the actor stand outside of the network so to keep the ‘illusional’ control over the objects, his discourse will overpower the nature of things

acting and suffering (from Paul Ricoeur)

- accepting to be mediated while mediating  is when the objects are able to act and suffer. therefore the network is able to justify itself: sharing quality (gives and receives)

subverting the politics of the archive

- while sharing, distributing meaning into new relations: data becomes fragile. subjected to specific network discourses, data becomes not an object of one meaning. its control is de-centralised

THE NETWORK “It qualifies its objectivity, that is, the ability of each actor to make other actors do unexpected things.” it is not the business of the analyst to bring the micro into macro, to justify the what actors do would modify its meaning.” (Latour)