Expindigital is a project developed around the practices of virtual ethnography.

The questions evolving the project practices and analyses are around the processes of human memories (remembering and forgetting), how is it mediated through the internet and its technologies. What and where are the mediating agencies inside a collective that is responsible for sustaining those processes?

These days we seem to be more ourselves when acting online, making the separation between what is real and virtual impossible.

The social networking sites, for an example, function as mediators of memory. Some technological features triggers the recall of remembrances, as well as assists in producing imaginative situations, sometimes creating and sustaining relationships which does not materially exists. The technologies creates relationships of affection, the data uploaded function as tools which sustains the network, bringing continuity.

This project was made possible with the collaboration of volunteers. Each of them had their own web platform which was being developed as a result of the interaction between mediating actors, being those human or non human. The development of the blog occurred during 6 months. This website works as a documentation of these processes.

While developing a method for the interaction of all the objects in the networks it becomes necessary to negotiate between external actors, the ones data is subjected to. And not to isolate the project into one discourse only as they need to be able to transit as to be part of the group they act upon.